Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ah, Lasagna!

Lasagna has always been one of my favorite pasta dishes. In fact, when I was in high school, it was THE favorite. Like I'd eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting sick of it for as long we had some in the fridge. Turns out that it's my fiance's favorite pasta, too, so it just had to be the very first thing I'd try to make.

I've always known that it's quite tedious to make, having seen our former cook make it whenever we had parties. I never realized, though, that it would take me 4 hours! What was supposed to have been our dinner became lunch for the next day. I had hoped to cut the cooking time in half on my next try, but no, it still took me the same amount of time. Perhaps I'd have better luck on my third try, since I now have a mixer to help me prepare the third layer in the recipe.

Anyway, I'm very happy with this lasagna that I don't even want to try looking for a simpler recipe. Can't wait for Jeff to try this!


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