Friday, July 16, 2010

Kitchen Goddess In The Making

Somehow the idea of cooking never really appealed to me for many reasons. First, my sisters and I never had to learn how to cook, growing up, because we had helpers to do that. Second, the few times my mom attempted to bring me to the market, I always ended up feeling dizzy from the smell and sight of raw meat and fish. Third, I'm scared of using the stove, the oven, and any fancy kitchen tool or equipment. Fourth, I don't like standing and sweating in a hot kitchen. And lastly, I do not like the idea of touching raw meat and fish.

I do know how to make a few of my favorites like soup (with a big help from Mr. Campbell), sushi, a couple of pasta dishes, dips for chips, and a few no-bake desserts. Other than that, I never really had any intention to further my culinary skills.

Well, at least until I met my fiance last year. He doesn't expect me to cook, but loving him and wanting to take care of him the best way I can somehow awakened in me an urge to learn how to cook and bake. The want turned into a need after we got engaged because we'd be living in the US after the wedding. I definitely don't want us both to starve, so I've actually started spending my free time sharpening my knife skills (no pun intended), experimenting with flavors, and whipping up a meal. So far, so good.


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