Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes

My younger sister loves cakes, cookies and cupcakes. For some reason, however, she doesn't like homemade baked goods because we use eggs and she doesn't eat eggs. No matter how many times we remind her that all the ones she buys from bakeshops contain eggs, she wouldn't even taste a piece.

One day, I told her that I was starting to feel bad that she wouldn't eat any of the sweets that I've been baking. Aside from the usual sisterly support, I was really hoping she could give me feedback on the taste of the cupcakes. The guilt trip worked! She sent me a recipe of eggless chocolate cupcakes she found online and told me that she would eat it if I baked it.

I finally had some time today to make this for her. She not only ate it, but also loved it! So did our neighbor's 10-year-old daughter. In fact, our young visitor took home half of the cupcakes after we told her to bring home as much as she wants!

Hot off the oven, before frosting

Decorated with sprinkles

Decorated with edible pearl beads.
My mom thought I used the ones for my jewelry projects!

Tried making a mini cake using my sister's moon pan.
My first time to frost a cake.


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